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About Us


     We are aware that we would have not reach the point we are today if not for our honest work, exemplified by our customer's loyalty, wich we thank once again with this ocasion.

I was reading somewhere the following words:

     "The best thing about being in the internet-business (besides being able to say that we're in 'the internet business') is that we are part of a revolutionary development in communication and information"


     -This summer ALFA WEB offers ALL INCLUSIVE services.

     -On Easter, ALFA WEB reduced the prices for international domains.

     -On the 3rd of January we celebrate 7 years of activity.


     - Doubled the minimum guaranteed bandwidth and increased it in the motropolitan network.

     - Increase the share capital of society to 50.000RON.

     - Increased the number of employees.


     - Launched the VPS and dedicated servers services.

     - Upgraded all the shared servers.

     - Launched the new ALFA WEB website.


     - We changed our main internet provider concomitant with doubling the minimum guaranteed bandwidth

     - We activated a connection with a new independent provider (ISP) through our own AS.

     - We resumed international domain name registration and maintained the same low price.

     - IT outsourcing services for companies that want to reduce costs in this field.


     - We completed the procedures for obtaining trademark - the ALFA WEB name and logo have become a brand.

     - Increase the share capital of society to 34.000RON.

     - We kept our word on improving ALFA WEB services by:
  • introducing the latest version of cPanel by acquiring new licenses
  • acqiuring new servers


ALFA WEB reorganizing year - basicaly a new start

     - We chose to answer with modesty to the rumors of degrading interest that ALFA WEB would have been overtaken or sold.

     - We started with a new offer and the intention to rebuild our customer portofolio by showing and by cheap and good quality services.

     - We decided on a new provider/customer aproach, always friendly and always professional aproach.

     - We began to undergo a market research in order to harmonize our offer with existing requirements. It is true that not once our conclusions have been hampered by the continuing instability of the Romanian market. However we have not given up.


     - Obtaining the trademark - ALFA WEB name and logo.

     - Acquiring new headquarters for our company.


     - Foundation of ALFA WEB, a private Romanian company.
The company bears the Registry of Commerce No. 1, being practically the first company registered in Prahova this year.

     - Since the beginning the company has invested in its technical infrastructure.