Terms and conditions

Version 2.2
August 2014

Terms of this document are formulated in such a way that defines a decent and legal framework of collaboration between Alfa WEB as a service provider and its clients as beneficiaries.

The beneficiary is responsible for the information and content of the plans/packages contracted by the service provider

The service provider can not be held responsible in any way for the content of websites hosted by the Beneficiary

    1. Order issuing

    1.      Issuing an order for an ALFA WEB product represents that you acknowledge and agree with the content of this document.
           At the time of order, the Employer agrees with the resources offered by the contracted plan (traffic value, storage space, number of e-mails and databases, etc.) and will not exceed these values.
           If these values are exceeded it is possible to supplement them, then these resources will be invoiced separately.
            When issuing an order for hosting services, immediately after you pay for the account, you will receive a ”contract of Webhosting Service” that will govern cooperation between ALFA Web as your service provider and you as the beneficiary.

2. Service testing

  1.      After activating the hosting account, you have 7 calendar days in which to test the offered services. If you want to give up the services , notify us by mail and we will close the account without you having any financial obligation towards ALFA Web.

3. Nameserver and WHOIS data modification

  1.      When changing the nameservers for domains there is a 24 hour period (called propagation time) until the webpages are visible. ALFA WEB, can not influence in any way this propagation time.
         The owner is required to maintain complete and accurate contact and identification data of owned whois domains.
         Due to security reasons and the impossibility of providing QOS it is not allowed to use other DNS machines for the domains hosted at Alfa Web SRL.

4. Product prices

  1.      ALFA WEB will not interfere over contracted and paid services unless legislative changes occur, changes in prices and tariffs of our suppliers or in case where changes in costs would greatly affect current tariffs.
         Regarding .ro domains, we mention that:
         - both normal price and discounts are listed on our site.
         - prices are the same for both individuals and legal entities.
         - The minimum extension period for expired domains is 2 years.

5. Guaranteed uptime and technical support

  1.      We offer a 99.5% guarantee for our services. This includes network uptime, servers and personal services. This warranty does not cover areas where ALFA WEB has no authority, such as damage to your computer,your internet provider or third parties for the registration of domain routing issues/filters between our network and you. Also, this warranty may not apply in cases of major force.

         Technical support is offered free to customers who have an active hosting account and pay in advance for the ordered period. It is offered through ticketing system (from the administration interface) or via e-mail tehnic@alfaweb.ro.
         These services such as: Virus Removal, HTML or PHP debugging, computer settings etc., do not qualify for paid services purchased with a hosting account, which accounts for additional services that are billed separately.

6. Data security and responsibility

  1.      6.1   The supplier is responsible for their own security and network servers.
    - The supplier undertakes not to disclose contact information or other details about the customer's account to third parties.
    - The supplier shall keep confidential data sites, databases, mail or client's scripts.
    - Access data will be communicated only by e-mail client and only at the email address declared in order. Any requests from a third party, or communication of data by other means (telephone, messenger, etc.) are prohibited.

         6.2   The customer bears the entire responsibility on:
    - updating contact details. The customer bears full responsibility to update the contact email address where the expiration and renewal emails are sent. We can not be held liable if the plan or domain expires because warning emails go to old, unused, nonexistent or deleted email addresses.
    - uploaded content and structure data (files).
    - content, structure, functionality and security of web scripts.
    - content and destination of the mail on each account.
    - contact disclosure, access or information about any third party site content.
    - domain list and expiration data.

7. Abuse and illegal use of services

  1.      7.1   Failure to comply with the current legislation when using the contracted hosting services, by the transmission, distribution, storage of information of illegal data or materials is prohibited.
         Committing these acts cause immediate suspending/ blockage and/or deletion of hosting accounts, without notice and without refunding the the amounts paid, and notifying the competent authorities in resolving these situations. ALFA WEB reserves the right to retain and deliver data from any account that is reported to violate the law to the authorities.

  2.      7.2   By abuse of legislative services we understand:
    - programs that run in the background on our servers (irc / bnc s / proxies), or any other programs that uses more than 5% (average 24 hours) of CPU on the shared servers type.
    - scripts that overload the server, network or using most of the resources to the detriment of other customers (for example data streaming, mail bombing, flooding sites, torrents, spam query in mysql, etc..)
    - databases with size more than 250 MB are not allowed on shared servers. If a database exceeds this value, the account should be extended (upgraded) to another type of plan (VPS).
    - distribution or storage through sites hosted by the Supplier, materials that contains viruses, trojans, worms, or any other similar software that may harm the network security system or servers
    - unauthorized interception and monitoring of data traffic on any network, system, server, without the advice of the owner

  3.      7.3   By failure to comply within the law we understand:
    - transmission, distribution, storage of information, data, materials under copyright, tardemarks, intellectual propriety, or are protected by copyright law
    - transmission, distribution, storage of pornographic information or materials of any kind
    - transmission, distribution, storage of obscene information or materials
    - transmission, distribution, storage of defamatory information against individuals or groups
    - transmission, distribution, storage of information about organizations, terrorist actions or activities
    - pirated software, any pirated material or warez type (hacking, cracking, music, mp3, movies, pictures, texts, gsm ringtones, etc.)
    - activities related to carding, phishing, spam, etc..

  4.      7.4   The use of ALFA WEB services/servers is forbidden for the following:
    to send SPAM or UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email). Those who use our services have overall responsibility for the scripts that will be installed online and ensure that services are not used by malicious people to send SPAM.

8. Payment

  1.      8.1   The standard time unit in use is the month. We do not allow payments for periods of less than that unit. The payment for the services provided will be made in advance, using some of the methods listed at: https://alfaweb.ro/plata.htm and will be based on the invoice issued by the order. If the beneficiary fails to pay within 14 calendar days after the date of creation or expiry (in the case of extension), ALFA WEB reserves the right to suspend services without any other notice.

  2.      8.2   The payment date will be considered the date when the full payment amount entered in the bank account of ALFA WEB.
         The invoice will be issued after full payment of the amount, in accordance with the proforma invoice. Beneficiary tax bills will be sent by e-mail to the address specified in the orders' e-mail.
         In case of hosting service extension, Web ALFA will notify customers by e-mail sent to the addresses stated in the order, 15 days before the expiry of the validity thereof. If the suspension was made after more than a month, to reactivate your account (after suspension) may be charged with a reactivation fee equal to the standard time unit (one month).
         The data recovery fee is the equivalent of 3 months of hosting. At the same time, the client will have to pay for the period from expiration to suspension, according to the plan he had, but not less than the value of one month.

         8.3   When paying for domains, you must specify the name of the paid domain or the order number (as written in the notification email). If you have not specified the identification data, any subsequent claim is null and void, the domain remaining registered and without the right to refund the amount paid.

9. Back-up

  1.      Backups are made automatically every week with retention up to a month. Still we do not offer any guarantee for the integrity of these backups. Therefore we advise all clients to generate and download their own backups whenever necessary.

10. Abandonment of service

  1.      The beneficiary can notify intention of giving up ALFA Web services, in a period of 30 days after last payment. This notification will be made by writing a document bearing the letterhead signed and stamped by the administrator (for companies) or application accompanied by a copy of the ID card (for individuals) sent by fax or e-mail (scanned), sent only by the e-mail addresses mentioned in the order. Oral notifications (telephone) will not be taken into consideration.
         If the request is justified and the beneficiary has not violated any of the terms of this document or contract, they will be the returned the value of the remaining unused period.
         Refund may be requested only for hosting services (not for domain name registrations).
         If the client's domains change the NS or registrar of the hosted domains without prior notice, all services can be imediatly suspended and it shall be deemed to have voluntarily quit the contracted webhosting package, or the anouncement is after 30 days after last payment the beneficiary automatically lose their right to free technical support and get their money back.
         The passwords for the hosting accounts are changed automatically when the first proforma is issued (3 weeks before), and they are not made available to the client until after payment has been made.

Alfa Web reserves the right to modify these terms any time it is deemed necessary,
noting that these changes will be made public on this page.
Last change of this document: August 2018

To download the webhosting contract in PDF format, click here