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According to ROTLD reglementations anounced here , starting from 1 march 2018, we translate to annual fee for .ro domains. Until then, .ro domains will be registered for a fixed period of 5 years.
For additional information please click here.
For extending the period of an already registered trough Alfa Web domain, you need only to write us an email with the name of the domain and the renewing period (in years).

If you want .ro domain+hosting package, you must complete the order form for .ro domains.

Rules for .ro domain registering
Change and manage contact information and nameservers.
Volume discount.
Choosing a domain name.

Lowest prices in the country.
The price of .ro domain is 8.9 EUR/year and is not conditioned by purchasing a hosting account.
Significant discounts (starting from FREE) for the .ro domain if you buy a domain+hosting package.

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dom price = dom price = dom price = dom price = dom price = dom price = dom price =
FREE/year* 2 €/year* 3.5 €/year* 5 €/year* 6.4 €/year* 7.4 €/year* 8.9 €/year
12 month**
Omega plan
12 month**
Sigma plan
12 month**
Lambda plan
12 month**
Delta plan
12 month**
Gamma plan
12 month**
Beta plan
without hosting

*   Only for the first year offer. After first year, the price is the usual one.
** to deduct the value of the domain+web hosting plan, please view prices for hosting services accessing https://alfaweb.ro/products/hosting/compare.html

Over 10000 domains registered by now.
To view some of the domains registered by Alfa Web SRL, click here.

    1.      - To check whether the domain name you want is available, you can use the script in the order form.
           - If you want to register multiple domains with the exact same data you can mention in the Observation window on the order form their names, without issuing individual orders for each of the domains.
           - The Billing/Tech sections will be completed only if the data will be different from the data mentioned in the first part of the order form.


    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11-50 51-100 101-∞

    Unit price





    8.9 €/year


    8.9 €/year


    8.9 €/year


    8.9 €/year


    8.9 €/year


    8.9 €/year


    8.9 €/year


    8.9 €/year


    8.9 €/year


    8.9 €/year


    8.9 €/year


    8.9 €/year

    1.      The maximum registration period of .ro domains is 10 years.
           The domains are registered on behalf of the client as soon as order is received - customers can pay their value in 7 days from the date of registration.
           The client becomes owner of the domain as soon as registration is completed then being able to modify and transfer the contacts whenever desired.
           We do not imply payment in advance on .ro domains
           We do not imply a compulsory purchase of a hosting account with the domain/domains registered through our company.
           For expired domains the minimum renew period is 2 years.

    For individual person order here

    For Organisations order here



    • ALFA Web is an accredited registrar for .ro domain registration, official partner of ROTLD since 2005
    • We work directly with ROTLD, without intermediaries, so we can offer the lowest prices in the country in this segment and also significantly reducing the time of registration/transfer for the domains.
    • As such we register: .ro; com.ro, org.ro, tm.ro, nom.ro, info.ro, rec.ro, arts.ro, nt.ro, firm.ro, store.ro, www.ro domains at only 8.9 €
    • You can also transfer your domain name through ALFA Web at the same price of 8.9 €


  1. According to ROTL the rules presented in this document apply to all those who request a domain or subdomain in the .ro area (For ROTLD terms of use click here, for the rules click here)

    The domains can be registered as such:
         - .ro for any individual person or organization.
         - .com.ro for firms, products or services of comercial type.
         - .org.ro for non-profit organizations, social or civil associations.
         - .tm.ro only for trademarks. To register these domains by companies in Romania it will be needed to bring evidence from OSIM or other Trademark registration organizations.
         - .store.ro for shops or other businesses that offer consumer goods.
         - .info.ro for information providers.
         - .nom.ro for those individuals who wish to have their own name as a domain name.
         - .nt.ro for companies with its activities related to network/Internet.
         - .firm.ro for companies.
         - .www.ro for companies emphasizing activities related to the World Wide Web.
         - .arts.ro for organizations involved in the arts.
         - .rec.ro for organizations involved in entertainment activities.


  1.      .ro domain data management interface is made exclusively from RoTLD. Therefore, if you own a .ro domain and want to change contact information or nameservers follow the steps below:

    - visit the RoTLD website: http://www.rotld.ro
    - select from the left column: .ro domains>Manage Domains>On-Line
    - follow the shown instructions.
    If you would like help in completing this operation, please contact us to make the changes together.

Domain+hosting package discount

  1.      When purchasing a package, the discount is applied to a single domain.
  2.      If multiple domains are requested, they will get the discount only if each one of them will be purchased together with a payable hosting plan.
  3.      An exception is made in case where 2 domains are requested, the second one benefiting from the discount only if the hosting account is payed in advance for 24 months.
  4.      We do not accept advance payments for periods exceeding 24 months.


  1.      We offer the following volume discounts, for .ro domains payed as a package:

  2. 7.9 €/year 7.5 €/year 6.9 €/year
    between 11 - 50 years between 51 - 100 years between 101 - ∞


    1.      Registering a .ro domain through ALFA WEB is the first step in making your business online, your thoughts, your opinions.

           By registering for your own domain name, you help create a professional image and the credibility of your company will grow.

           Here are some tips and ideas that will help you select the best domain name:

           1.   Choose a domain name through which to identify your company name, product names and services you provide, the name of what you want to make known. Try to put keywords in your domain name to identify products and services you offer, eg your company name, as this will help you climb the top search engines.

           2.   The domain name may be up to 63 characters, however the shorter the name is, the better. Make sure your site visitors will remember it easely.

           3.   If you choose names that can easily be said in the plural (eg chair.com/chairs.com) or misspelled (eg internet.com / intermet.com) you should take into account the record of both variants (single / plural, right / wrong).

           4.   Pronunciation of the name field is also important given that the domain name will be hard to pronounce, difficult understandable confusion can arise for example when you will communicate by phone and even in direct meetings.

           5.   If your favorite domain name is not available search for an abbreviation, change the word order (if the name has several words), add the name of your city, county or country to come up with something unique. If desired domain name is not available try to include, if possible, a minus sign "-"
      * ALFA WEB also registers domains with 2 minus signs (ex: domain--domain.ro)

           6.   If you can, and fields are available, we recommend that you record the entire set for your domain (eg EN / EU / COM / NET / ORG / INFO / BIZ), especially if you own a trademark for a particular name.

           7.   Avoid purchase of domain names that are names of registered trademarks or include the names of trademarks (eg Coca-cola.ro). If you choose such a name you could be sure that sooner or later you will have the unpleasant surprise of being sued by that company representatives.

           8.   Register your domain name NOW.
           It is not neccessary to have a webmaster or a web design consultant around. Simply give the desired domain name a search, complete the registration form and register it personally. Simple!
      Do not wait for tomorrow, do not wait untill later today, domain names are registered every second.
           Even if you do not already have a web site, book your domain name. Having a domain name and hosting plan until the site is ready, you can put in place of banal page "Site under construction" a page with your name and / or company, objects, phone numbers by which you can be contacted. Also having a domain name and hosting plan you can already create email addresses (eg contact@domainname.com).

    Shown prices do not include VAT